"A thing of beauty is a joy for ever"
John Keats 1818



“Our future is a design issue…it should be
the result of intent rather than circumstance”
David McCullough

Endymion is a residential design and consulting firm inspired by the rich and diverse architectural heritage of Cape Ann and northern New England. Our focus is on architecture’s relationship and integration with the natural environment, and its influence on the success of our small communities.

Working out of an early 19th century English-style, post and beam barn, Endymion has established a collaborative effort with other local architectural design and building firms as well as having working relationships with the many local preservation and conservation groups in order to provide a broad expanse of expertise in developing solutions to reinvigorating our communities.


“The past is never dead.  It’s not even past”
William Faulkner

Design Philosophy

We are all the product of our own past.

Since the beginning of time, man has sought shelter and protection from the terrifying forces of nature. With the evolution and advancement of technology in architecture from our early primitive state, man has slowly found ways to reconnect with nature without compromising his security while simultaneously celebrating his spirituality through artistic expression. New England developed with its own unique perspective; beginning with the arrival of the rebellious yet provident Puritans and evolving through the Transcendentalist Movement of the early 1800’s, defining our values of promoting self-reliance and spirituality in nature. Perhaps subliminally, these values found their way into much of our vernacular architecture, and are perceptible in some of the concepts and designs of H.H. Richardson, William Emerson, Bernard Maybeck, Greene & Greene and Christopher Alexander in their use of site, materials and circulation. They are consciously a part of our work, as well.

There is also a global influence to our work from years of living and traveling throughout Europe and Asia. We are informed by the cultures of Thailand, Japan and China as well as Europe in both our designs and business models, translating them into a unique New England form.

Endymion Designs seeks to continue that evolution by strict attention to architecture’s integration with the surrounding environment. Whether it is an interactive senior housing complex, a garden or bath house that embodies its natural site, or an individual home blending in with its environment, our architecture looks to joyfully stand the test of time as “a thing of beauty”.