Engaging Community through Preservation & Design

Endymion believes that we cannot design in isolation – that our environment and communities must be integrated with our designs in order to be successful. Our rich heritage is continually under threat, and it is crucial that we pro-actively devise new solutions to keep our communities both vibrant and relevant through design. We are always seeking out new design opportunities that offer unique solutions to benefit communities or organizations, working to use the regulatory environment in our favor, and developing financing options or investor capital.

Several projects and proposals include:
  • Work with communities in New Hampshire to develop alternatives designs to industrial development that would destroy their fabric and future economic potential. Work included drafting constitutionally challenging local ordinances, publishing articles and working with state officials and conservation groups through grass roots organizations.
  • Sensitive redesign of iconic farm to save from mass development while maintaining open space and raising tax base for town. Developed commitment for investor capital with proposed exit strategy.
  • Proposal to various land trusts to convert architecturally significant yet redundant buildings into self-catering rental units.
  • Proposal to create affordable, multi-school housing community for local teachers, utilizing tax credits for financing to encourage the donation of homes that are intended to be razed.
  • Develop local CSA farm into broader, full service facility that offers organic dining and links into local wine distributor.
“Nothing is quite so beautiful alone: nothing but is beautiful in the whole. A single object is only beautiful as it suggests this universal grace”
                                “Nature” – Ralph Waldo Emerson


“We must redirect the river of money (which causes such harm)
to restoration of community”
                              David McCullough



Photo by Jerry Monkman