Kitchen Renovation

Wenham, MA.

A poorly executed previous renovation twelve years earlier had taken its toll. Lack of proper insulation produced broken pipes each winter, while poor construction and material selection led to rot and decay in the cabinetry and within the walls and floors.

A fresh look at the existing space, cabinet design and lighting plan yielded a more efficient, historically correct, comfortable set of rooms. Using shaker-style panels for the cabinetry was more in line with the history of this 18th century home, while slightly scaling down the units created a whole new spacious feel that did not previously exist.

Antique hickory reclaimed from an old Pennsylvania barn was remilled as floorboards and finished with tung oil, adding luster to the patina. The undersized porcelain sink was replaced with a generous, custom-made soapstone farmers unit while the countertops were balanced between mahogany and soapstone to provide a harmonious contrast with the flooring.

A historically appropriate, double-hung triple unit, carefully specified to match the character of the existing windows, replaced the 1970’s vintage casement windows.